Love is a state of sheer blissfulness. The aha moment! Every atom of the body is drunk with a divine rasa (juice). This rasa is secretly treasured in the very depths of one's being. The deeper one goes within himself, the more joy and fulfilment he discovers. Then life becomes an eternal melody! One who knows it he alone can bring music and beauty into others' lives.
About Founder Dr. Kapil can be best described by the word 'liveliness'. And this liveliness is so contagious...
About Kavya Foundation The Kavya Foundation is funded and run by a group of teachers and students from across India. The name Kavya literally means poetry. The foundation is a way of learning the poetry of life through human service. The Kavya Foundation was established on 27 th March 2009 in Katni, a small town in Madhya Pradesh.
Adarsh Colony, Katni(483501) Madhya Pradesh
+91 7987 588 158