Supporters' Speak


----Rohin Kaushik----

Being a teacher, I have been imparting knowledge to students for years. Yet, deep down, I used to feel that mere verbal knowledge is not enough; a teacher must teach through self-example as well, particularly, by taking knowledge to those who are unable to come to receive it. By donating to Kavya Foundation, I ensure that education is made available to as many people as possible.


---Anurag Gupta---

Good job by all the members! This is the way by which we help the children. KF members are special because they help the needy children who don’t study in childhood. By this we can save them from future problems.



मैंने हमेशा से सोचा था कि मैं कुछ ऐसा करूँ जिससे किसी की मदद हो सके और मुझे भी सुकून मिले । लेकिन मैं शुरू कहाँ से करूँ ये समझ नहीं आ रहा था । फिर मैं कपिल सर से मिला, और उन्होंने मुझे काव्या फाउंडेशन के बारे में बताया । जो चाहता था वह रास्ता मुझे अन्तः मिल गया था । मुझे बहुत गर्व महसूस होता है कि मैं फाउंडेशन से जुड़ा हूँ और ज़रूरतमंद लोगों की सहायता करने में अपना सहयोग प्रदान कर पा रहा हूँ ।



Selfless giving is true giving because there is no desire for any return in it. This I have learnt by working with Kavya Foundation family. I have also learnt that my little help can make a big difference in somebody’s life. I have also realized that I share a bond of love with the whole humanity. My hearty thanks to the foundation for filling my life with joy and sensitivity.


----Vanika Watal----

This is my first donation towards Kavya foundation (I am associated with various organizations like CRY, MissionHeal, Help Age India) and I really appreciate all the sincere efforts put forth by young volunteers like Mamta towards the noble cause. I believe in helping people in need because they really want our support to nurture their future. If each one of us does a little towards the betterment of needy ones, this world is going to be a beautiful place to live in! I love the quote by Annie Frank that reads as “No-one has ever become poor by giving” and as such I believe “Sharing is caring”


---Kartik Sharma---

“कोई भी सेवा यदि स्वार्थ से की जाए तो वह सामाजिक स्तर पर उन्नति तो देती है परन्तु निज का पतन भी कर देती है, और जो सेवा स्वार्थ और प्रलोभनों के बिना हो वह व्यक्तित्व निर्माण की ओर अग्रसर करती है ” यदि आज मैं यह समझ सका हूँ उसका कारण काव्या फाउंडेशन एवम् उसके संस्थापक हैं ।


----Kartik Sharma----

It all started when I saw a boy asking for help on the streets of Delhi. I always wanted to help the needy. And god has given me this opportunity with Kavya Foundation. Kudos to KF for such an initiative! God bless the entire team!


---Pranjal Kandwal---

I think there is something about the dream of educated (and not just literate) young India that excites my inner being. The notion of millions of ‘uncorrupted ready minds’ working for the human uplift at large is a thought that binds me to Kavya Foundation. I say we all give these kids a chance – a chance to learn, evolve, and maybe when the time comes, make a difference.


----Aditya Singh----

There is no better way to spread progress than to invest in the education of our future generations. We can only go forward collectively. I am delighted, honoured, and glad to have had the opportunity to work on this noble cause along with the greatly inspired and responsible citizens. Congratulations on the success of the initiative!


---Monika Chaudhary---

It was a great experience of being a part of such association that has taken such initiative for needy children, simultaneously this gives opportunity for such people also to be a part who directly can’t get involved in such things.


----Suvidha ----

A smile can change our world is usually said by people. But when we look at their faces they look so dull and lifeless. Through Kavya foundation I have found that one can feel the happiness from the inner soul by helping the lonely souls.


---Shefali ---

Kavya….a world which is different from our world, painted with beautiful colors of love and smile. The road to Kavya…the poetry of life has nourished me from which I can gain the fruits of love and joy.



I feel fortunate, special, attached, loved and to love the persons whom I have never met. Through Kapil sir’s lectures, I have got a chance to look beyond my own world and all that I feel is blessed.



I am happy that now I have become a part of your Kavya family. I have felt that my little step towards your Kavya Foundation will bring me closer to the ones whom I have met through you.



Charity does begin at home. Kavya to me was that home which made me part of the contribution for the ones who need us. I felt good to be the part of the organisation and would continue to do my bit every now and then.



I met so many people belonging to/working with various NGOs. Somehow, somewhere what they were doing never satisfied me because I was not sure whether those people were working for true, inner satisfaction or for social recognition. I feel convinced that Dr. Kapil and his team are working to share the true values of life, such as love and humanity. I feel good, feel satisfied and feel motivated being a part of Kavya family.



काव्या नाम कहाँ से आया यह शायद कुछ लोग ही जानते होंगे, लेकिन काव्या आज क्या है यह सब जानते हैं | काव्या संस्थान एक परिवार है, और काव्या परिवार का हर एक सदस्य अपनी-अपनी भूमिका जानता है | हमारी मदद करने की चाह को रास्ता काव्या संस्थान ने दिखाया है | इस सुन्दर दुनिया में हमें इसे और भी सुन्दर बनाने भेजा गया है | और हमारी सोच को अंजाम तक काव्या संस्थान और उससे जुड़े सभी लोग पहुंचायेगें | हर दिन कुछ नया सीखना, कुछ नया समझना, कुछ नया करना यही चाह काव्या संस्थान की है |



जब तक मैं काव्या फाउंडेशन से नहीं जुड़ा था तो मेरे लिए यह सिर्फ़ छोटा सा नाम और छोटा सा फाउंडेशन था| जब मैं पहली बार इससे जुड़ा तो पता नहीं क्यूँ अपने अंदर एक अलग सी, बहुत प्यारी सी ख़ुशी का अहसास हो रहा था| पर मुझे मालूम नहीं था ऐसा क्यों हो रहा था | जैसे-जैसे मैं इस परिवार के सदस्यों के समीप आता गया मुझे एक अजब तृप्ति का अहसास होने लगा | बस मैं इस परिवार का हिस्सा हमेशा बना रहना चाहता हूँ |



I congratulate Kavya foundation for doing such a wonderful service for the human race. The foundation is not only taking care of the basic needs of orphans but also helps in shaping their personality by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities. The foundation also organizes various competitions for the same. What I admire most about Kavya is that besides the above-mentioned activities, they contribute to the spiritual growth of these children. Thus, Kavya is one organization which works on IQ, EQ and SQ of these children thus making them competent to succeed in the race of life.



I feel proud to be a part of Kavya Foundation which is working tirelessly to shape the lives of underprivileged children. I will continue to contribute and work for this noble cause.



अभी हम इतने काबिल नहीं
कि किसी के लिए कुछ कर पाएं, पर ……..
“जिन्होंने नें यह कारवाँ चलाया” उनके पीछे चल दिए
“आसान नहीं ख़ुद को भुलाकर किसी के लिए खड़ा होना
पर वो भी कुछ ख़ास को चुनता
हैं कुछ ख़ास करने के लिए”…!



If we plant a tree, we plant a hope. Great planters who are promoting greenery and beautiful plants, shrubs that make our landscape beautiful. Kavya foundation is promoting greenery and entrepreneurship. It is making ideas happen. I am glad of being the part of Kavya foundation.



Being a part of Kavya foundation has been a wonderful experience. If we look around us, we become aware how much of substance and beauty people are able to create depends on helping hands. By this foundation l am trying to make life a little easier for other people and I will try my best in future also.


---Bharti Pasrija---

There is a positive change in my lifestyle after being connected to Kavya Foundation. Being a part of Kavya makes me feel satisfied and delighted to visit the children who cherish our one single smile so dearly.


----Bhavna Mihani----

It has been a great experience being part of Kavya Foundation, working for those lovely kids who give me a sense of satisfaction & make my life worthwhile.


---Neha Virwani---

Days I have spent in Asha Kiran just because of Kavya Foundation will always stay as best thing throughout my life. The laughter and joy given to them and received from them have been the most wonderful gifts ever given and received.


----Umang Bajaj----

Kids are the future of our country. By giving such platform to them you are doing a great job. Kavya, we are proud of you!


---Preeti Jaswani---

I feel very honoured that I am able to help someone in need through Kavya Foundation and that too by putting such small efforts. I have realised that true happiness lies when we share strong connection with humanity. I really appreciate the efforts put by Kavya Foundation that is working towards better and happy tomorrow! Glad to be a part of KF!