Deepawali Event
Date: 30thOct
Place: Jal (Punjab)
A campaign named Deepawali: In Search of a New Light was run by the members of the foundation. Its aim was to make people aware of the fatal effects of the burning of crackers as well as to encourage them to explore various aspects of light. Through a series of well-researched articles, several issues were highlighted such as the effect of crackers on animals, water pollution, air pollution, global warming, and garbage produced by crackers. Most importantly, we observed that if a very small fraction of the money burnt during Deepawali could be saved, a lot creative and productive things can be done with that money such building meditation temples, yogic hospitals, libraries, schools, sports ground, etc. We tried to reach out to around 10,000 people during the campaign. It was very enjoyable, interacting with people about this issue. The response was truly overwhelming and highly encouraging!